Clear Cup 10 Oz + Flat Lid (100pcs)

$ 17,00 excl. VAT

With our Slushmania Cups you are guaranteed of high quality cups which are very handy when you want to serve slush drinks to your clients. The lid of these cups also has a built in hole to fit a straw in which provides extra ease to your clients.

Perfect for Parties and Picnics
Safe to Use
Customization Friendly

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The 10 Oz. flat lid is super handy and fits 10 Oz. cups perfectly. Especially when serving cold beverages with straws. This is a perfect addition to your party, restaurant, hotel, catering business or cafe.



  • Durable
  • Crack resistant
  • Flat lid features a straw slot to reduce any chance of spillage
  • No need to remove the lid to enjoy your drink while on the go
  • Exceptional clarity: A crystal-clear plastic construction provides superior product visibility.


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